Piglicker Cause of Swine Flu Outbreak

Swine Flu Patient Zero has been identified.

Doctors suspect Cindy Piglicker contracted Swine Flu and has been spreading it to friends and family after her visit to a local petting zoo.

Mrs. Cowlicker, friends of the Piglicker family, admitted to reporters they don’t invite the Piglicker family over to their farm that often but could understand how little Cindy became patient zero.

When asked why, Mrs. Cowlicker whispered, “Whenever little Cindy gets to the farm, she practically jumps out of the car, runs to the pig pen and starts … ummm … licking the pigs.”

Doctors have taken little Cindy Piglicker to a special research facility with the hope she holds the key to a new Swine Flu vaccine.

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