Just one of those days

Every so often I have one of those days. Not a day where everything goes right or everything goes wrong, but a day where I end up bruised and achy.

I knew it was one of those days where I turned around and bump into the counter, stubed my toe on the dog dish, droped the tub of frozen cookie dough on my foot, had my privates accidentally clawed when the cat jumped in my lap and hit the door while carrying a load of laundry. All that in the first two hours of my day.

I contemplated crawling back into bed. Then I realized that wouldn’t be safe. The dog would probably jump on me or scratch my face trying to get me to play. I took a deep breath, put some band-aids in my pocket and forged forth. The only thing I plan to avoid is operation of heavy machinery.

One thought on “Just one of those days

  1. I hope you at least allowed yourself to enjoy some cookie dough ice cream for breakfast, since it was already out of the freezer. Ice cream ALWAYS makes things better.

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