Naked Noshing — What the heck?

I was flipping through the local society magazine, Chicago Social (CS is produced by Modern Luxury). Something in this issue caught my eye.

A naked women, lounging on cushions. Typically, I would keep flipping. Not this time, I slowed to gawk at the traffic accident. This wasn’t any ordinary naked lady. She had sushi artfully displayed across her breasts, belly and thighs. I will decline to make any additional comment.

After everything came into proper focus, I burst out laughing as I realized this sushi clad lady was wearing 8 inch platform shoes. The kind female strippers and porn stars used to wear. Queue up the Wacacha … Wacacha porn music.

I must admit, I am intrigued and if you are in the market for giving me an unusual gift (be sure to request a “beefy” guy … I’ll bring the music).

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