Everything is Manicured

Living in the Stepford like community has it’s advantages. Low crime, clean streets, a kick butt recycling program, and “manicured” is used to describe both lawns and residents.

Our mail carrier delivered a neighbors piece of mail to us by mistake. I’m in shock at the moment and not because it is trashy porn. It’s just a catalog; mind you, not your everyday clothing, housewares, or decor catalog.

Oh no, we are talking about the November 2005 edition of the Paula Young catalog. Some of you may be wondering, who or what Paula Young is and why is this guy wasting my time?!?

Paula Young, if you must know, is “America’s Natural Choice for Beautiful Hair”. Hair care products? Oh no, even better, wigs, and plenty of them. Glamorous gals, made up and decked out in the sexy fashions with hot new “hairdos”.

Every page is more amazing than the next. I was especially captivated by the real hair wigs and simple steps to finding your correct head size.

I now know one dirty little secret to a perfectly manicured resident. The most important question, “Will my new wig be shipped in discrete, plain brown packaging?”

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