The Ballet

Friday I was enjoying lunch at the Silver Skillet dinner. For whatever reason, my ears tuned in to a conversation between my waitress and two older gentlemen.

W: So boys, what are you doing this afternoon?

G1: I think I’m gonna head over to the Spring Street Ballet for a performance.

Editors note: Now I sat for a moment thinking how odd because the ballet offices are on West Peachtree, and when they perform, it’s at the Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street.

G2: Chuckles

W (after a short pause): Hmmm…so you are going to The Cheetah. The only thing I don’t like about that strip club is the drinks are watered down.

G2: Chuckles again

I chucked as well, thinking, strippers are called professional entertainers. Some of the moves are even similar, so why not refer to it as “Ballet”?

Their conversation shifted to another topic, and I focused on finishing Harry Potter.

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